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MyWay RTK Compatible Modems

One thing that continues to set MyWay RTK apart is our commitment to brand neutrality. You pick the equipment you want to use; we provide the correction source for that equipment. MyWay RTK is compatible with virtually any precision farming system and works with any equipment using industry-standard GPS protocols, which is perfect if you have multiple products from multiple manufacturers. As a result, we have customers using a vast array of modems by which they acquire RTK...More

Spotlight: Chris Winkelbauer of Central Valley Ag Cooperative

Chris Winkelbauer is a valued employee at Central Valley Ag Cooperative – a member owned farmers cooperative located in central and eastern Nebraska. However, Winkelbauer isn’t just your average worker – he has been a dedicated employee of CVA for nearly ten years. His passion for farming and tractors began at a young age and eventually this passion would blossom into a career with Central Valley Ag Cooperative. Winkelbauer entered the field...More

RTK-Driven Field Boundaries

June 14, 2012 The demand for more precise positioning technology systems, like MyWay RTK, continues to increase with each growing season. RTK in agriculture became popular for guidance in machine control applications and field operations where sub-inch, repeatable location information brought new levels of value to adopters of that technology. So while auto-steer and controlled-traffic operations have continued to increase in popularity in recent years, so too has the search for...More

Customer Spotlight – Matt Hughes

June 14, 2012 Matt Hughes, his wife, Connie and their two children, Thad and Marissa, raise soybeans and corn in SW McLean County near Shirley, IL. While Matt grew up on a small farm near Litchfield, IL, he and Connie are now the sole owners of Connie’s family farm. Their operation has been 100% no-till since 1983, and they’ve been early adopters of most precision farming technologies – one of which is RTK. “We started...More

MyWay RTK System Update: March 2012

March 29, 2012. In the next few weeks, MyWay RTK will put up its first bases in two states: North Dakota and Ohio. With the newest additions of North Dakota and Ohio, MyWay RTK now has 12 states where MyWay RTK has some coverage available. It’s always exciting for us to add new states to our growing list! At the same time, we have increased our density of coverage in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. For updates on when coverage may be coming to your area, follow...More

John Koop, New Century FS, Dealer Spotlight

March 29, 2012. John Koop grew up on a grain and livestock farm in north central Iowa, and fell in love with agriculture at a young age. Since then, Koop has been able to grow his interest in agriculture, more specifically precision agriculture, as a Precision Farming Coordinator at New Century FS. Koop has had many experiences with precision agriculture resources, but one of the newer precision agriculture companies, MyWay RTK, has made a great impact on Koop...More

MyWay RTK Grows in 2011

December 30, 2011. “2011 has been a phenomenal growth year for MyWay RTK. The service was launched in the fall of 2010 to bring subscription-based Real Time Kinematic positioning and wireless Internet access to the state of Illinois. That has been more than accomplished with coverage throughout the entire state and base stations being added almost daily in other states from Iowa to Idaho and Kansas to Mississippi…” Read more from the article, “MyWay RTK...More

MyWay RTK Wins New Product of the Year Award by AgProfessional

December 14, 2011. Each year AgProfessional awards 10 newly introduced, innovative products an award called the AgProfessional Editors’ Choice New Product of the Year Award. The products selected are the best in the business, the newest, most innovative…and according to the editors of AgProfessional, MyWay RTK is one of those products. READ MORE. Link:  

MyWay Xchange

November 7, 2011. Since the launch of MyWay Xchange early this summer, we have received a number of calls from resellers wanting to be set-up for access to MyWay Xchange. For those resellers who don’t know, MyWay Xchange is a free resellers tool that makes managing and supporting your customers easier than ever. Some common questions resellers are asking: Q: What is MyWay Xchange? A: MyWay Xchange is a new online tool that will connect MyWay resellers and customers...More

MyWay RTK Launches Support Interface By Paul Schrimpf of CropLife Media Group

September 29, 2011. One year after its initial launch in Illinois, MyWay RTK continues to grow and evolve its RTK GPS offering. Its latest service, called MyWay Xchange, provides its customers, support personnel and resellers with an interface that gives users the ability to monitor and improve their connectivity to the RTK signal. The reseller portal is designed to give resellers live information about their customers and base stations within their respective coverage areas,...More

MyWay RTK System Update: November 2011

November 7, 2011. A great deal has happened at MyWay RTK in the twelve months since we went “live” in October of 2010. In fact, our MyWay RTK coverage area has nearly doubled in that span of time and we are planning for an even bigger increase in the year ahead. Most recently additional bases have been deployed in areas of Kansas and Iowa and in a few days we will begin a major region of new deployment in Eastern Nebraska. And even though snow is already beginning...More

MyWay RTK Launches MyWay Xchange

(Effingham, Illinois) – September 29, 2011 - Today MyWay RTK LLC officially launched MyWay Xchange, a new online tool that will connect MyWay resellers and customers in real time. MyWay designed the reseller portal to give resellers live information about their customers and base stations within their respective coverage areas, enabling them to ensure their customers’ RTK service is always performing at optimum levels. MyWay Xchange features a real time map...More

MyWay Xchange Provides Live Doppler Radar on Mapping Administration Screen

September 29, 2011. We know how important the weather is to your daily management of customers and operation, and that is why we’ve added another feature to the MyWay Xchange mapping services that provides live Doppler Radar coverage for the entire United States. With the addition of live radar, you can see both active customers and current weather conditions simultaneously on one screen. This small but informational feature can help you diagnose problems with base stations...More

MyWay Mobile for MyWay Xchange

September 29, 2011. In an effort to further empower both resellers and users to be as efficient and effective as possible, MyWay RTK has introduced a mobile version of MyWay Xchange that allows you to manage subscriptions, mount points, and login credentials while on-the-go. For resellers, now you can simply point your browser to the Xchange portal at on your mobile device and access the management tools you have become familiar with on your PC. Now, when...More

MyWay RTK System Update: September 2011

September 29, 2011. MyWay RTK is focused on continuing to increase its RTK coverage areas this fall and in the spring of 2012. On the heels of some great technology events this past summer, we are deploying new bases right now in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. In thinking ahead to next spring, we are also currently holding discussions with potential “partners” in other regions of the country, as pushing MyWay RTK deployment into more and more growing regions of the US...More

MyWay RTK “Live Chat” help desk added to

July 11, 2011. Customer service and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us at MyWay RTK. In an effort to bring even greater efficiency and convenience to the user experience, we have launched a FREE “Live Chat” support service on our web page that offers an alternative to calling the MyWay RTK Support Line. Users with access to a computer can simply click on the “Live Chat” icon on our website to enjoy instant access to a support professional who...More

MyWay RTK “Reseller Portal"

July 7, 2011. MyWay RTK continues to provide innovative technological solutions for both MyWay customers and resellers alike. Starting just last month, MyWay introduced a new addition to the group of online tools that help keep resellers and customers connected and up and running. The MyWay Reseller Portal allows a Reseller to monitor all their customers and base stations within their respective coverage area. The Reseller Portal provides a real time map showing all of their customers,...More

MyWay RTK going strong into the summer!

July 7, 2011. MyWay RTK currently has 77 active bases! We have been rapidly adding bases in Kansas, Nebraska, and Idaho, while pursuing markets in Iowa and across the South. The expansion of MyWay RTK allows us to meet the needs of more growers in more areas, and learn how we can better adapt our product. As our coverage grows and we develop a stronger market presence, MyWay RTK will serve as a “farmer advocate” in terms of communicating your needs to equipment manufacturers...More

Opportunity Knocks for a New RTK Delivery System

Jim Patrico, Progressive Farmer Senior Editor, May 2011 Capitalism and technology are ferocious partners. They break down barriers and open doors for each other at a furious rate. The RTK industry, which is evolving at the speed of light, provides a perfect example. Just last month (it seems) you had to set up one of those movable base stations and use your GPS receiver to get 1- to 2-inch RTK accuracy. Then last week (it seems) hundreds of radio towers...More  

MyWay RTK System Update: April 2011

May 6, 2011. MyWay RTK is growing. Just in the last month we have deployed 21 base stations in seven different states. Bases are being deployed this week in the Northwest, in Idaho and Oregon, and a concentrated effort is underway to continue to deploy bases in Nebraska and Kansas in coming weeks, to complement the 11 bases deployed there this past month. New MyWay RTK bases have also been set up in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois in the past 30 days. Discussions are underway...More

MyWay RTK Introduces Andy Hill As General Manager

Effingham, IL – April 28, 2011 – Today MyWay RTK LLC - a precision farming technologies company that specializes in open-technology RTK (Real Time Kinematic) - introduced industry veteran, Andy Hill, as the new General Manager. Hill comes from Premier Technologies, Inc., bringing with him 20 years industry experience in precision farming and agriculture. With its territory already blanketing the entire state of Illinois and quickly expanding in states like...More

April 7, 2011 With electronic functionality more prevalent in farm machinery, dealers are finding selling and supporting it requires a dedicated team. By Chad Elmore, Managing Editor, Farm Equipment A decade ago, many farmers were just warming up to the idea that they needed electronic systems to guide their tractors and implements in a straight line. Back then, farm equipment dealers who added precision farming components to their product offering found they could...More

MyWay RTK Featured In Farm Progress Build Farm Guidance Your Way

– Josh Flint, Prairie Farmer, November 2010 Just as Apple revolutionize digital music with the iPod, Effingham’s MyWay RTK could very well revolutionize farm guidance systems. Prior to MyWay’s entrance, farmers have been tied to buying an entire guidance system from one company. If you like Brand X’s display, you’ll also need to buy Brand X’s base station, RTK service, etc. MyWay RTK manager Don Bierman explains their strategy...More

MyWay RTK System Update

April 7, 2011 Since last October when MyWay RTK flipped the switch, turning on MyWay RTK correction, a great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes. We have been helping our resellers tell the story of MyWay RTK, the value an open-access, brand neutral service brings to customers. We have been working closely with major equipment manufacturers so they understand the mission of MyWay RTK and how their organizations can increase the value of their own technologies...More

Introduction to Connections

April 7, 2011   Welcome to the first edition of Connections, yet another way MyWay RTK is working to empower people to profit from technology and innovation. Connections is not your garden variety newsletter. You will never walk to the end of the lane to retrieve Connections from your mailbox. Connections is not another dead file that comes to your email inbox like so many other pieces of information you are probably already receiving today. Connections is different....More

MyWay RTK Launches Dedicated RTK Service For The Agriculture Industry.

(Effingham, Illinois) - Recently established by a group of agriculture industry partners, MyWay RTK LLC is introducing the first independent, open-technology RTK (Real Time Kinematic) network engineered for the specific guidance needs of growers using precision farming technologies in their operations. The network is designed to allow users to access the high-accuracy RTK GPS signal without the requirement of using proprietary precision farming hardware or software. Unlike other...More