MyWay RTK System Update: March 2012

March 29, 2012.
In the next few weeks, MyWay RTK will put up its first bases in two states: North Dakota and Ohio. With the newest additions of North Dakota and Ohio, MyWay RTK now has 12 states where MyWay RTK has some coverage available. It’s always exciting for us to add new states to our growing list!

At the same time, we have increased our density of coverage in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. For updates on when coverage may be coming to your area, follow us on Twitter @MyWayRTK and check our website at When you see an area on our coverage map highlighted in blue that means bases are scheduled to deploy in those areas.

Data, data, everywhere! The ag winter show circuit has been dominated by an ever-growing chorus of entities working hard to bring data management to the farmer. This convergence of positioning technology, improvements in cellular communications systems, and new innovations in hardware systems engineering will soon bring about significant changes to American agriculture.

Have you ever thought about what that future might look like if the industry were to move away from standardization and, instead, bring data systems to the marketplace that do not interact and that are not based on standard industry protocols? Is your equipment today connected to a positioning provider who is proprietary? Can you share your positioning information with your most trusted data management providers who you look to for understanding and unlocking value in this age of information management? Does your technology provider promote their ability to share data across multiple brands of equipment, or, is your provider suddenly claiming “you don’t need any one else” to help you manage your information?

MyWay RTK has asked these questions since early 2010. MyWay RTK enjoys the support of nearly every major manufacturer of ag technology systems, BECAUSE we represent a tide that raises everyone’s boats. MyWay RTK enables you to provide whatever expertise to your customers that you’d like. MyWay RTK doesn’t care what brand of equipment you support. MyWay RTK doesn’t care what dealer of equipment you work with. MyWay RTK is the standard that unlocks the real value and potential that innovation will bring to our industry.

If you are not already connected to our growing MyWay RTK group, contact us to learn more about becoming associated with MyWay RTK. If you or someone you know has interest in participating in MyWay RTK’s deployment or in becoming a reseller of MyWay RTK correction, contact us online at, by email at, or by phone at (866) 963-5785.