How It Works

RTK (Real Time Kinematic) positioning is the most accurate signal available for farmers looking to use precision farming technology. RTK signals talk with your tractor, your combine, your application rig and help guide it accurately through the field. MyWay RTK is a solution that delivers the RTK correction via a cellular modem. Investing in this type of RTK correction puts you in a position to one day profit from wireless data transfer technologies that will allow interaction with your trusted service providers in new, more efficient ways.

Technology Neutral

MyWay RTKs open architecture is designed to work with any equipment that uses industry-standard "GPS" protocols. This is especially beneficial to operators using multiple brands of equipment from different manufacturers or those who work with other service providers or custom operators.


  • What is MyWay RTK?
    MyWay RTK is an Internet based RTK solution designed specifically for agriculture that allows users to receive RTK corrections over the Internet.
  • What GPS equipment needs to be installed in my tractor?
    MyWay RTK users will need the following: RTK receiver and a cell modem with a data plan that is capable of connecting to MyWay RTK.
  • What kind of accuracy can I expect with MyWay RTK?
    With MyWay RTK, you can expect the same accuracy as any other RTK systems, which is typically one inch or better accuracy with year to year repeatability.
  • Can I use my John Deere StarFire with MyWay RTK?
    Yes! We now provide service to the StarFire 3000. Please call the MyWay RTK Support Group for more details.
  • Where do I get a cell modem that will work with MyWay RTK?
    You will need to contact your authorized MyWay RTK dealer for more information.
  • Does MyWay RTK pay for my cell modem data plan?
    No, the customer is responsible for getting all of the hardware and data plans for his/her equipment. Your MyWay RTK dealer may be able to sell or refer you to equipment that is compatible with MyWay RTK.
  • If I buy a MyWay RTK subscription, will I be able to use that with all of my equipment?
    Each MyWay RTK subscription is good for one connection at a time. If you are planning being connected to MyWay RTK on two or more machines at the same time, then you would need to purchase multiple subscriptions.
  • I have fields that are in multiple coverage areas with MyWay RTK, will I have to buy a subscription for each base location?
    No, you will only need to buy one subscription and will be able to connect to all of the base stations for your area.
  • Where can I purchase a MyWay RTK subscription?
    Please contact your authorized MyWay RTK dealer for subscription inquiries or e-mail us at

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