MyWay RTK System Update

April 7, 2011
Since last October when MyWay RTK flipped the switch, turning on MyWay RTK correction, a great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes. We have been helping our resellers tell the story of MyWay RTK, the value an open-access, brand neutral service brings to customers. We have been working closely with major equipment manufacturers so they understand the mission of MyWay RTK and how their organizations can increase the value of their own technologies and services they provide to their customers through their own distribution systems as they embrace MyWay RTK. We have been continuing to engineer our own technologies to bring even more convenience and value to MyWay RTK correction.

So even though gazillion dollar companies have threatened MyWay RTK multiple times about how they will run us into the ground, we are sticking to our goals and objectives; making sure customers, resellers and technology manufacturers have access to professionally-managed, brand neutral RTK correction based on standard industry protocols that allow everyone to do what they do best. Manufacturers can focus on this next generation of innovation that will help make them unique and create new ways of adding value to their customers. Equipment dealers and value-added service providers get to keep doing business with their customers, as they have for generations, secure in the knowledge that MyWay RTK is there, being the standard they rely on. Customers relying on MyWay RTK can count on having options that they may not have had otherwise. Customers do business with those entities they trust, buying the equipment that makes sense for them based on the way they operate, secure in the knowledge that even though they support multiple brand of technologies, they will all operate on the one RTK system; MyWay RTK.

To realize this vision, MyWay RTK has been working hard to extend our coverage beyond our humble beginnings to other regions. Over the coming weeks, we plan on bringing MyWay RTK to places beyond Illinois like Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, Idaho, Montana, Indiana, Iowa, the Dakota’s and in time, every major agricultural region in the US and beyond. To do this, MyWay RTK is establishing Authorized Service Providers who will be our more local “eyes and ears”and support teams as we move into new areas of coverage. We want local experts who understand your agriculture to be MyWay RTK’s local point of contact. By deploying these teams of Authorized Service Providers, we will more rapidly bring MyWay RTK correction to these other regions, something we know is important to technology manufacturers and their reseller networks that support our vision of open-access, brand neutral RTK correction.

In future editions of Connections we will update you on the growth of MyWay RTK correction coverage. For instant updates on new areas coming online, as it happens, follow us on Twitter @MyWayRTK or view recent coverage maps at