John Koop, New Century FS, Dealer Spotlight

March 29, 2012.
John Koop grew up on a grain and livestock farm in north central Iowa, and fell in love with agriculture at a young age. Since then, Koop has been able to grow his interest in agriculture, more specifically precision agriculture, as a Precision Farming Coordinator at New Century FS.

Koop has had many experiences with precision agriculture resources, but one of the newer precision agriculture companies, MyWay RTK, has made a great impact on Koop and New Century FS.

“Our customers are getting an accurate, dependable correction signal that is almost universal,” said Koop. “They can incorporate this RTK correction into their existing systems, unless they are using John Deere precision ag products.”

Koop has found his partnership with MyWay RTK to be the perfect combination of a quality product and great customer support.

“MyWay RTK has been a great resource helping train our salesman on what RTK is and how we are different,” said Koop. “Their tech support has been great when we have had issues with our Internet service providers. They notify me when a base has gone offline, so we can get address the problem if there is one.”

Becoming a MyWay RTK dealer was a simple decision for Koop.

“Why not become a MyWay RTK dealer?” said Koop. “We sell the equipment and manage the data already, so MyWay RTK was a good fit for us. It has helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors more. With MyWay RTK we can assure subscribers that they will have the signal when they need it, because we own the bases and we are the first line of support. Also, we pride ourselves on being a leader in precision farming, so RTK was the next move for us if we wanted to keep that lead.”

Koop believes that cellular signals are the future of RTK and MyWay RTK’s ability to deliver the same correction across large geographic regions will make everyone’s lives easier – from the farmer to the customer applicator.

“I think RTK level accuracy will be the standard within the next five years in our territory, with the MyWay RTK correction signal being the standard,” said Koop. “My customers and I are addicted to the accuracy that RTK brings to the operation. We want perfection and RTK is an essential part in our quest for perfection.”