MyWay RTK System Update: September 2011

September 29, 2011. MyWay RTK is focused on continuing to increase its RTK coverage areas this fall and in the spring of 2012. On the heels of some great technology events this past summer, we are deploying new bases right now in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. In thinking ahead to next spring, we are also currently holding discussions with potential “partners” in other regions of the country, as pushing MyWay RTK deployment into more and more growing regions of the US continues to be a primary goal for us. Owing to the many great relationships we enjoy with so many national ag technology companies, who have customers and dealers of their own all across the country, it is imperative we do our part to continue to bring MyWay RTK to new areas each and every month. Follow us on Twitter @MyWayRTK and check our website at up-to-the-minute updates on when coverage may be coming to your area.

Harnessing the “value in technology” requires the efforts of multiple folks today. But even with adequate support and sound strategy, it takes time to fully realize that value. This point was driven home recently by one of our Illinois resellers who commented on the importance of RTK correction to his custom application business. Even though his company was engaged, excited and committed to supporting MyWay RTK over a year ago, it was not possible until this past summer to fully appreciate the value of MyWay RTK correction to this reseller’s customers. It is a common misconception that RTK is not needed in every application; that not every time a rig is in the field, does that rig need RTK correction to guide it through the field. But, after only one season utilizing RTK in his custom application equipment this spring, this reseller has already received comments, compliments and challenges about this reseller’s custom application services for 2012. The comments and compliments were overwhelmingly positive on the work this reseller did this past spring. Customers could see the difference in their fields and with prices the way they are today, every bushel counts. MyWay RTK set this reseller apart from others in his area and his customers are looking forward to the same quality service next year.

So what were the challenges, you ask? Now this reseller is gearing up to have MyWay RTK set up in all of their custom application rigs. When farmers see value in something, they will come to demand it from their valued service providers, just like this reseller’s customers have witnessed this past spring and summer. But, that whole process has taken a full year to come to fruition. Our technology partners at the manufacturer level understand this and that’s why MyWay RTK is becoming such a critical piece of their future growth and ability to deliver real value to their customers. It takes a team and in this case: a MyWay RTK partner who assisted in deploying a base; a MyWay RTK reseller with strong value-added relationships with customers; technology manufacturers with the vision and innovation to bring hardware and equipment to the marketplace; and a customer who was able to put it all together.

So if this sounds like the kind of experience you want to have in your operation and business, contact us at MyWay RTK and learn how you can become a part of all this. If you or someone you know does have interest in participating in our deployment or in becoming a reseller of MyWay RTK correction, contact us at , by email at, or call us toll free at (866) 963-5785.