Introduction to Connections

April 7, 2011
Welcome to the first edition of Connections, yet another way MyWay RTK is working to empower people to profit from technology and innovation. Connections is not your garden variety newsletter. You will never walk to the end of the lane to retrieve Connections from your mailbox. Connections is not another dead file that comes to your email inbox like so many other pieces of information you are probably already receiving today. Connections is different. In todayís world full of tablet pcís, smartphones, and generally being connected to your online community all the time, MyWay RTK is bringing you a new vehicle to be connected to information most important to you, in ways that match your “connected” lifestyle.

Connections comes to you through your email, but from there, from the moment you take your first glance you will appreciate why we call it Connections. Connections is an html document, a portal really that takes you where your interest is leading you. We may connect you to a YouTube video demonstrating some new technology; we may connect you to some online presentation describing the real benefits to GLONASS correction; we may connect you to information about some recent solar flare incident telling how this disrupts correctional technologies; or we may connect you to a MyWay RTK customer describing some unique way they are using RTK correction in their operation. We may connect you to for content; we may offer up a video clip with a simple click or touch to a hotlink; we may point you to a recent editorial or article written by an industry leader that refers to RTK or MyWay in particular.

You donít have time today to go looking for information. Important, relevant information should come to you. At MyWay RTK, we take seriously our mission to not only provide you open-access RTK correction that will work on all types of hardware that allows you to continue to work with your most trusted technology partners; we want to be the resource you look to for unbiased information that affects you the most. Since MyWay RTK doesnít sell hardware and because MyWay RTK has relationships with most every player in Ag Technology today, you can rely on Connections to bring you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

So welcome to Connections! Click here to sign up!