Spotlight: Chris Winkelbauer of Central Valley Ag Cooperative

Chris Winkelbauer is a valued employee at Central Valley Ag Cooperative – a member owned farmers cooperative located in central and eastern Nebraska. However, Winkelbauer isn’t just your average worker – he has been a dedicated employee of CVA for nearly ten years. His passion for farming and tractors began at a young age and eventually this passion would blossom into a career with Central Valley Ag Cooperative.


Winkelbauer entered the field as an applicator but now works as the ACS equipment specialist. Primarily, this means he installs precision Ag equipment, services it and trouble shoots as problems arise. Winkelbauer is a large advocate of precision farming technologies – one of which being RTK.


CVA heard about MyWay RTK through SST Software, an industry leader in site-specific technology infrastructure and applications and became a reseller for MyWay RTK because of the match in geography. The growing demand for more precise steering in the Nebraska area called for a more precise technology so, last year CVA started making their first RTK installations.


Winkelbauer says, “The MyWay RTK team has been very helpful and easy to work with. They will find the answers for you and can walk you through a lot of your challenges on the phone.”


Winkelbauer has been around farming and equipment all of his life so he knows a good system when he sees it.


“As far as MyWay RTK goes, the biggest advantage I have seen is when you leave a field over night or a couple of day even, you can come back and you are right on target. MyWay impressed me with the consistency from operation to operation. The best thing about MyWay is we don’t have to be in the line of sight to have connection. Cell areas get tough and we have yet to run into trouble keeping connection in these areas this year.”


The introduction of MyWay RTK in CVA’s daily business has been a relatively smooth transition, especially with their dependable customer services.


“Overall, I have been very impressed with this system, said Winkelbauer, it has been simple enough and given us very little trouble.”