MyWay RTK “Reseller Portal"

July 7, 2011. MyWay RTK continues to provide innovative technological solutions for both MyWay customers and resellers alike. Starting just last month, MyWay introduced a new addition to the group of online tools that help keep resellers and customers connected and up and running. The MyWay Reseller Portal allows a Reseller to monitor all their customers and base stations within their respective coverage area. The Reseller Portal provides a real time map showing all of their customers, whether they are currently connected or their last known connection location. This allows resellers to monitor user location, proximity to appropriate base stations, and diagnose potential connection problems based on distance or environmental factors. The real time map also gives up-to-date base station information indicating if a base has gone offline.
The Reseller Portal also provides access to users’ custom profiles, making it easy for modifications to be made in the event that users are unable to manage their profiles from the field. Additionally, the Reseller Portal can provide real-time logs sent from the rovers in the field, helping to address issues or diagnose problems that users are experiencing based on the actual information being sent from the user vehicle modem. Resellers can go to to gain access to the Reseller Portal and learn more about how this tool can help them provide greater service to their customers. For help setting up your account please contact the MyWay RTK support team at 866-963-5785.