MyWay RTK “Live Chat” help desk added to

July 11, 2011. Customer service and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us at MyWay RTK. In an effort to bring even greater efficiency and convenience to the user experience, we have launched a FREE “Live Chat” support service on our web page that offers an alternative to calling the MyWay RTK Support Line. Users with access to a computer can simply click on the “Live Chat” icon on our website to enjoy instant access to a support professional who can help them with any questions they may have. The MyWay Live Chat service can be a nice alternative to subscribers or resellers who are browsing our website. They might be looking for information related to MyWay RTK, or may be interested in equipment compatibilities and just want a quick answer to help them facilitate their research or decisions. Whatever the reason for inquiry, MyWay RTK is continually utilizing available technology and employing different methods for contact in order to get you the answers you need quickly – and for FREE!