MyWay RTK System Update: April 2011

May 6, 2011. MyWay RTK is growing. Just in the last month we have deployed 21 base stations in seven different states. Bases are being deployed this week in the Northwest, in Idaho and Oregon, and a concentrated effort is underway to continue to deploy bases in Nebraska and Kansas in coming weeks, to complement the 11 bases deployed there this past month. New MyWay RTK bases have also been set up in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois in the past 30 days. Discussions are underway at the present time that will result in the deployment of many more MyWay RTK bases in other regions of the country by Labor Day. We at MyWay RTK remain committed to providing professionally managed RTK correction in every agricultural area of the U.S., ensuring every manufacturer and customer utilizing agricultural technology will have MyWay RTK correction to rely on.
Our deployment process is very straightforward: engage support from entities who share our vision of helping to bring about a brand-neutral RTK correction source that everyone in the marketplace can utilize. Then, we begin to “figure it out”. We learn of these potential partners in a variety of ways. We are currently working with farm input supply companies, agronomy consulting firms, local farm equipment dealers and national agricultural technology companies as this national deployment moves forward. As we deploy in a new area, our primary concern is to determine the best placement or location of each new base, to maximize MyWay RTK coverage for our customers. So to the extent we have several possible base station locations in a region to evaluate, that means our ability to effectively and rapidly bring MyWay RTK correction to that region will be more easily realized.
To that end, MyWay RTK is always interested in reaching out to new folks who want to help bring MyWay RTK into a new region. If you or someone you know does have interest in participating in our deployment or in becoming a reseller of MyWay RTK correction when we do deploy in your region, contact us online at or by email at . Since we are now in the process of determining the locations of these bases to be deployed over the next few months, we need to know now of your desire to participate in the effort. To the extent that those who are working to help bring about MyWay RTK to the marketplace represent the broadest possible cross-section of all aspects of American agriculture today, this helps to reinforce the value of our services as being broad-based, representing and supporting every key entity in every region of this important producer of food, fuel and fiber to a growing world. For instant updates on new areas coming online, as it happens, follow us on Twitter @MyWayRTK.
Finally, from all those affiliated with MyWay RTK in any way, our thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered from violent weather recently; from wildfires in Texas, flooding in many parts of the country and the horrible loss of life from tornadoes across the South.