MyWay RTK Compatible Modems

One thing that continues to set MyWay RTK apart is our commitment to brand neutrality.  You pick the equipment you want to use; we provide the correction source for that equipment.  MyWay RTK is compatible with virtually any precision farming system and works with any equipment using industry-standard GPS protocols, which is perfect if you have multiple products from multiple manufacturers.  As a result, we have customers using a vast array of modems by which they acquire RTK corrections. 

We currently have customers using manufacturer’s internal modems as well as many third party external modems.  The manufacturer’s internal modems consist of the Paradyme internal modem, TopCon internal modem, Leica internal modem, Trimble’s DCM 300 and AG 3000, Raven Slingshot, and NovAtel SMART-MR15.  The third party external modems include the Digi modem, Intuicom RTK Bridge, Champion Bridge, Sierra Wireless modem, the E.T.A. modem, as well as a few others, which are not listed.