MyWay Mobile for MyWay Xchange

September 29, 2011. In an effort to further empower both resellers and users to be as efficient and effective as possible, MyWay RTK has introduced a mobile version of MyWay Xchange that allows you to manage subscriptions, mount points, and login credentials while on-the-go. For resellers, now you can simply point your browser to the Xchange portal at on your mobile device and access the management tools you have become familiar with on your PC. Now, when a customer calls while you are on the road, you can instantly access their information, make necessary changes to their login credentials, or help manage their mount points. Subscribers can also use the mobile site to manage their account and create custom profiles from the field. MyWay Mobile allows you to make simple account management changes without having to return to the office or farm during your hectic day. It helps keep you moving – while you’re moving!