MyWay RTK Broadcasts Custom Mount Points

April 7, 2011
MyWay RTK offers subscribers many ways to obtain MyWay RTK correction. The Casting Server is responsible for providing the appropriate RTK corrections to individual users based on their location and their specific preferences. Those specific preferences can include protocol types, specific mount points, or user designed custom mount points.

When logging onto the MyWay RTK Caster, subscribers will see options for “Custom A, B, or C, MyWayRTK_GLONASS, or MyWayRTK_Legacy”. The “MyWayRTK_GLONASS” mount point provides RTCM3.0 protocol with GLONASS corrections and gives access to any MyWay base station. The “MyWayRTK_LEGACY” mount point provides CMR+ protocol and also provides access to any base station in the MyWay network. The Casting Server automatically uses the nearest base station to provide you RTK corrections. No longer will you be required to “guess” which base station is the closest to you. The “Custom” mount points can be preset by the subscriber using the MyWay RTK web portal. These Custom mount points offer variety for users who wish to utilize corrections from other RTK providers, as well as MyWay RTK.

For example, let’s imagine that a subscriber has a farm that is near a state border, and on certain parts of the farm, the DOT funded CORS network can provide adequate RTK corrections, while other portions of this farm fall closer to a MyWay RTK base station. The user wishes to use either the CORS network or the MyWay network depending on their location, but hopes to not be required to change mount points while in the machine or on the go. By creating a “Custom” mount point, the subscriber uses the MyWay RTK web portal to design a mount point that will use the CORS network and/or the MyWay network interchangeably. Changing between the different networks is handled by the MyWay Casting Server and makes it easy for users to utilize whatever network best suits their needs for that particular field.

The versatility of the MyWay RTK Casting Server is another example of how MyWay is working to be a truly open source, brand neutral RTK provider. Not only will you have access to every MyWay RTK base station within our network, but you can use the MyWay web portal to setup custom access points that utilize other networks. Let the Casting Server handle switching between base stations and networks so that you are not required to remember user names and passwords, or to determine which base station might be closest. This allows you to concentrate on the work in the field and spend less time worrying about the appropriate mount point, because all of that was setup during non-peak hours on the convenient MyWay RTK web portal. True to our name, “MyWay” makes another stride in being the premier RTK provider with our primary focus being what is best for the subscriber.