Cell Modem for Base Stations Update

MyWay RTK has implemented a new service designed to make it easier for potential Partners to deploy new MyWay RTK base stations. We have encountered situations where Partners have had initial plans to deploy bases in specific locations, only to later determine that the wired Internet access available at these locations was less than desirable.  Sometimes interacting with the local internet service provider to obtain the static IP addresses needed is a complicated process, while in other cases, the internet connection available is not adequate enough to maintain the quality connection that MyWay RTK customers have come to expect. 

To address this issue, MyWay RTK has developed a new deployment process that involves placing all the various “indoor” hardware components of the base station in an enclosure, pre-configuring all the equipment to help make the final setup in the field much easier than with prior installation processes.  One of these hardware components is a new modem capable of connecting to your local cellular telephone network to provide all the Internet access that a new MyWay base will need to do its job.  MyWay then monitors and manages this Internet connection and assumes all responsibility for maintaining the modem and the Internet uptime through this modem.  The Partner incurs no equipment expense and many times, because all the hardware now can come pre-configured, local technology experts can typically install these bases themselves, which saves money on the installation and set up costs normally associated with traditional MyWay RTK base deployment. 

For this new service, MyWay RTK charges $1,200 a year and the fee is billed at the same time as all the other MyWay RTK charges are billed.  There is no equipment to purchase, no maintenance of the modem required on the Partner’s behalf, and perhaps the largest advantage is that Partner’s no longer need to worry about how to address security issues concerning local network configurations and the associated challenges or restrictions demanded by internal IT staff.  With this new modem, the MyWay RTK base now sits completely outside of any computer network that may be in place at a given location. 

This new option removes several significant challenges to deployment; therefore MyWay RTK coverage can grow with fewer issues for our Partners and provide rapid base station deployment for developing areas of the network.