MyWay Xchange Text Alert Messages

MyWay RTK is always looking for ways to better assist our customers. We know how important it is for the reseller and customer to be notified of any issues that occur which could interrupt the efficiency of precision farming with MyWay RTK. MyWay RTK has added a new tool, through MyWay Xchange, that provides resellers and customers real-time text notifications relating to the functionality of the base they are connected to. These alerts include messages about a base going down and coming back up, Internet issues, upgrades made, or power outages. The new tool also allows MyWay RTK to provide immediate information to resellers and customers that could help maintain maximum efficiency.

The new feature can be found in the reseller Xchange site and is located in the tools bar. To add this feature for you, your customers or both, click on “mobile alerts” and follow the prompts. As a reseller you can set yourself up for the alerts, but be sure to ask your customers if they want this feature before adding them. Once the process is complete, the reseller/customer will receive a confirmation email letting them know they are registered for the text alerts. The alerts will begin immediately following the set up. The feature can be removed at any time using the same process. If you need assistance setting up the alerts, please contact the MyWay support team.

MyWay RTK strives to add tools and features that will further assist our customers. We hope you find this new tool beneficial in your efforts to stay informed and aid customers as quickly as possible in the event of service interruption.