“SmartMount” Feature Added to MyWay XChange

The SmartMount feature can be found on the “Mountpoint Manager” tab on your reseller MyWay XChange page for each customer.  SmartMount gives the ability to automatically failover from a MyWay RTK mountpoint (MYWAYRTK_GLONASS or MYWAYRTK_LEGACY) to your Custom Profile. Once enabled, if your closest base station goes down, you will automatically failover to your first Custom Profile should you be 18 miles or greater away from the next closest MyWay RTK base station.


This feature requires access to a local CORS network, which you will need to contact and get the connection information (IP address, port number, user name and password, etc.). Once you have that information, click on the “Custom Profile” tab and click “Edit”.  Once you’ve entered in that CORS profile (and clicked “Save”) you will be allowed to enable the SmartMount feature.  Be advised that this feature will only pull the FIRST saved CORS profile in your list.  It will not pull from any other in the list.  To finalize, simply go back to the “Mountpoint Manager” tab and select “Enable” from the drop down and the feature will be live. 


Notice: With this feature, there could be cases where guidance lines may not match. The best practice is to manually connect to your Custom Profile and then to the MyWay RTK base to verify if you have a position shift.


(Clicking on the information icon will populate a box giving a brief summary of SmartMount and its purpose.)