MyWay RTK Post-Spring Report: Most Common Issues Reported

As the spring planting season comes to a close, we’d like to share with our customers the most common issues and questions that came into the support desk.
  1. Cell Issues— Cell issues continue to be the most called about issue from those experiencing problems. The “User Lost Connection to MyWay RTK” error message is provided in the link below. As cell coverage continues to improve this issue will only improve.
  2. Base Station Issues—MyWay RTK does not own any base stations. Instead the base stations are owned by local individuals, we call “Partners,” who supply the facility and internet connection for the base station to function. When the local internet at a site experiences issues that site will be down (and appear red in color on MyWay XChange) and a customer within the coverage circle will not be able to connect to it. In that case we will send the customers to the next closest base station until the internet connection at their base station is restored.
  3. Low Satellite Count Issues—We saw this issue by some users who were close to 20 miles away from a base and did not have access to GLONASS satellites. Getting a GLONASS unlock (which may seem like an expensive initial investment) has proven to be a priceless asset to those who have access to it. Essentially, this gives the user access to another satellite constellation, which makes getting and maintaining RTK fix easier the further you move away from a base.

Resellers who use MyWay XChange for their customers can use the following link to help troubleshoot error messages they will see when their customers are in the field and experiencing issues. This link provides six of the most common error messages a reseller will see when viewing their customer’s logs:

As the reseller, you are the first line of support for your customers. In other words, when they have issues they will call you before they call us. MyWay XChange eliminates the need for you, as the reseller, to be the middleman. You can log on and view your customer’s logs and quickly provide the answers they need. MyWay XChange is a free service for all resellers. If you aren’t signed up as a reseller, simply call the MyWay RTK Support Center at (866) 963-5785 and a member of our support team will help you become a reseller.