Help! What does this MyWay Xchange Error Message Mean?

MyWay Xchange continues to be well received by resellers. The functionality and usefulness of the tool has proven to be invaluable to resellers as they are in the front line supporting their customers. Occasionally, a reseller will come across an error message with they are accessing their customers’ “Live Stream” data.

If you ever come across an error message, we’d like you to be ready to solve the issue at hand. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of error messages, along with their meanings, so you’ll be prepared when asked, “What does this error message mean?”
  1. Error Message: "User not within 50 miles of an eligible base station. Disconnecting user..."
    Meaning: Typically, this error message is due to the rover not sending out a valid latitude/longitude signal. Simply disconnect and reconnect the rover to allow it to get a valid latitude/longitude signal.
  2. Error Message: "User lost network connection to MyWay RTK."
    Meaning: This message means that MyWay RTK can no longer write correction data to the rover or a bad disconnection was made. The signal might be cut off from the network and this is usually a cell signal related issue.
  3. Error Message: "No gpgga message received from user after 90 seconds. Disconnecting user..."
    Meaning: No GGA message was sent from the rover.
  4. Error Message: "User disconnected. (Client termination or client network timeout)."
    Meaning: There has been a regular disconnection or sometimes it can also mean that MyWay RTK can no longer write correction data to the rover.
  5. Error Message: "Base station connecting to currently down. Downtime is under 6 minutes."
    Meaning: If a base is down, but under the 6-minute mark, it will still try to connect to this base until it’s over that mark. When it is over that mark, it will connect to the next closest available base.
  6. Error Message: "Base lost connectivity."
    Meaning: This message lets you know when a base has lost connectivity when the client is currently connected to the base.